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Do you work in TV and are looking for a service provider that can make the sets for your weekly or monthly shows? The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is a company specializing in the creation of TV sets. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our expertise as well as our achievements in all 4 corners of the globe.

TV set décor: Your specific needs

The scenery is of paramount importance for television sets. The decorative elements help in the creation of the atmosphere of the TV show. This is why the decoration of a TV news set will not have the same attributes as that of the TV set of an entertainment program. In the audiovisual sector, it is essential to be accompanied by a specialist in the design and manufacture of sets. Whatever the type of your program and your needs in terms of decor, your provider must be able to to answer all of your questions.


TV set decor also has other features. Modifications might be requested, based on topic being covered on the TV show and news. The decoration company in charge of the creation of the TV set must be flexible and know how to offer high quality decors in a very short time. In the same way, for the purposes of certain programs, it may be necessary to store certain sets that will be reused later, so a service provider that can provide you with a storage solution is therefore preferred.

A complete service for your TV sets

The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ offers a complete service for TV shows. Whether you are looking for a provider for your daily, weekly or more specific programs, we will be able to assist you in the creation of your TV sets.


We will put our expertise to good use for your television shows. We can design a TV set regardless of your decorating requirements. Thanks to our expertise, we will allow you to create an atmosphere specific to your TV show.


But the assistance of the teams at The 5 PATTES Factory ™ does not stop there. After the design phase, our carpentry, metal or tapestry workshops will be responsible for making all of your decorations. We can also take care of the assembly and dismantling of the various decorative elements on your television set.


Finally, we also offer a storage service that will prove very useful if the set of your TV show must regularly change. Your sets can be placed in a secure storage space for future recordings.

Learn more about renting TV sets with L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™

Are you looking for a provider for your TV sets and like the sound of the expertise offered at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™? If so, we invite you to contact our team. We can tell you more about how we operate and we will also have the opportunity to show you sets that have been made for TV shows in France and around the world and offer you support and a solution adapted to your specifications.


Explain to us the concept of your show. We will be able to assist you in setting up the visual identity of your television show. Thanks to L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™, your TV set will have a very special atmosphere, one that will be instantly recognisable.


If you are looking for a global service (design, manufacturing, lighting, video, editing, dismantling and storage of TV sets), we can accompany you throughout your project. Our team is not only composed of visual merchandisers and craftsmen (carpenters, upholsterers, painters...) but also designers and builders. We can put at your disposal professionals in charge of the assembly and disassembly of the sets. It is essential to entrust the installation and disassembly of the decorations to professionals. You will be assured that your decorative elements will be perfectly installed on the structure of your TV set.


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