If you entrust the manufacture of your decorations to L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™, many professionals are likely to contribute to your project, including scene painters and industrial painters. Their role is essential: it is thanks to their involvement that the finishes of your decor will be perfect.


Would you like to find out more about the painting workshop at L'USINE A 5 PATTES ™? Read on for more information that will help you better understand the importance of painting in creating your sets.

Painting: a finishing touch for successful decorations

Once the structure of your set is complete, there are still many steps before the decoration is complete. Painting is an essential finishing element: depending on your project, the technique used will not necessarily always be the same. According to the requirements of your decor, the painter-decorator may use traditional methods as well as more refined techniques (varnishing, lacquering, patina, glazing....). Once your decor has been painted, our teams will be able to take care of its assembly in your TV sets, theme parks, restaurants, shops, museums and concert halls.

The painting atelier at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™

We know that painting is of paramount importance to the success of your decorations and this is why we have developed an atelier dedicated to painting at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™. It consists of 2 suction walls, spectrometers, and a paint booth. Our highly skilled painters also have professional equipment such as Airless guns at their disposal so whatever the finish expected on your decorations, our decor painters will be able to achieve it. If you want certain elements of the decor to be lacquered, varnished, iridescent, our set painters (trained at the best schools and having worked in famous workshops) will be able to carry it out: the finish will be perfect and you will be completely satisfied with the final result.

Which decor painter for your project?

Within our painting workshop, several trades can contribute to your project: our team includes scenic artists and industrial painters.


The industrial painter prepares the surfaces to be painted and then applies several layers of paint on the sets to protect them. He can also treat the surface with professional quality products to prevent mildew or corrosion. The role of the industrial painter is therefore essential, especially if your decorations are to be installed outdoors.


The task of the scene painter is a little different. Depending on the project he is working on, he may have to paint trompe l'oeil or imitate a material such as wood, metal or marble. Stage sets cannot be created without a scenic artist: his role is essential in order to allow the decor to appear more realistic than nature.


Thanks to their expertise, our team of decorative painters will be able to take care of the painting of your sets, whatever your requirements.

Find out more about L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ painting workshop

Did you know that you will have to call on the services both of industrial painters as well as painters in decor for your decorations to be realised? We advise you to reach out to L'USINE A 5 PATTES ™: our team will be able to answer any questions you may have about our painting atelier. In particular, we will be able to inform you about the expert skills of our painters and about the finishes we can create as well as about our references worldwide.


If you want your decorations to be successful, it is important to work with painting professionals: thanks to them, the finishes of your sets will be achieved perfectly. It is also important to understand that painting plays not only an aesthetic role in decor: sets must also be treated with professional quality products in order to preserve all their properties over time. A decoration that resists time and weather conditions gives your company a better image. It also allows you to make long-term investments


Choose L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ as your partner for painting your stage sets and decorations.



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