Our trades: fake brick walls custom desks decorative moldings stage decoration studio sets movie theater decor decorative wall molding custom built desks tv studio furniture tv show furniture talk show chairs news anchor desk and more.

Are you looking for professionals who can take care of the construction of your TV sets, theaters, theme parks or luxury boutiques? The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ brings together many trades. Our cabinetmakers, upholsterers, decorators and decor painters all have one goal: to satisfy your needs by providing you an unbeatable quality of service.


The craftsmen of L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ can bring to life all of your desires. So, whether you are looking for wall tapestry decorative walls, Greek decoration columns or bright furniture, bright counters, or even just design support, our teams will do their best to meet your needs.

Our team is completely autonomous. They ensure the manufacture and assembly of each stage of the decor through a solid mastery of trades.

Carpentry is at the heart of the decorating business. Our workshop is composed of a fleet of industrial machines and 2 digital machining tables to work and shape the wood according to the needs and requirements of our customers.


The carpentry department is composed of qualified personnel from the woodworking professions: cabinetmakers, builders of decorations, CAD and CAM technicians.

Our joinery workshops will allow you to benefit from an exceptional finish for your structures. Our cabinetmakers will also work closely with our lighting professionals to provide you with bright furniture for your scenes, spaces and TV sets. You can ask for the construction of a bar desk or a led light counter: once the furniture is manufactured in our carpentry workshop, our teams can integrate an LED strip on it to better meet your needs.

Our carpentry workshop

Our painting department is structured around a workshop with 2 suction walls, a paint booth and professional equipment such as airless and traditional spray guns, and a spectrophotometer. Our team, composed of decorative painters and industrial painters, master the techniques of traditional painting, lacquering, varnishing, glazing, patina, etc ...


Thanks to the intervention of our decorative painters, your television sets and stage spaces will come to life. They will exactly match what you imagined.

Our painting workshop

The metal workshop consists in producing metal structures to support the scenographic elements (eg arches, sculptures, animatronics, parade floats...). The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ has a material to meet the needs of its customers both in terms of construction of frames and mechanical projects.

Our team of metal workers can build a fake wall to support your decorations (structures, sculptures). Once this is implemented, the professionals at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ will be in charge of setting up the scenographic elements. For example, they will have the opportunity build a wall to meet all your requests.

Our metal workshop

Tapestry is a job that consists of placing fabrics on constructions. It can be characterized by the making of curtains and sheets, but also dressing armchairs according to traditional methods (construction of sofas or armchairs, reproduction of seats for theatrical pieces or musicals...).


The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ has its own workshop to meet the expectations of its customers. Our team of upholsterers is available to customers: these professionals, experts in their field, are able to produce wall tapestries, curtains, and high-end scenery.

Our tapestry workshop

Our sculpture workshop

Sculpture is a craft. Our advanced tools and work with resins, foams and polyurea membranes allow the production of sculptures in a very short time with a high level of technicality. We are experienced in molding techniques. Our workforce subcontractors and are trained in this exceptional profession. Thus, our teams will be able to perfectly produce decorative Greek columns to perfection if you need it for the stage of your theater or your television set.

A professional organisation to meet your needs


Do you need polystyrene decor for your amusement park? Are you looking for a professional who can make a wall with shotcrete to facilitate the setting up of sets? Whatever your needs, we will coordinate the different trades of the L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ so that you can achieve exactly what you want.


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