Fashion Show Decor

The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ can take care of the decor of your fashion shows. Find out what our service and support offer consists of.

Are you looking for a provider who can create a huge/monumental/spectacular decor for your fashion shows? The 5 PATTES ™ FACTORY has been working for many years in the fashion sector. We will be able to create exceptional decor for all your shows.

Discover our offer specially designed for the decoration of fashion shows. (in collaboration with Dior, Bureau Betak, …)

What are the characteristics of fashion show decor?

If you organize fashion shows, you will know that every little detail is important. Nothing must be left to chance. If you would like to be accompanied by a service provider who can help you set up the visual identity of your fashion show, it is important that you understand The following

● During a fashion show, it's the creations that must catch the eye. It is therefore necessary to create decor that can highlight the clothes on the mannequins. The decoration company that will accompany you must find the right balance: the decor must be neat, but must not put the creations in the background.

● Some fashion shows have a strong identity and exceptional decor makes sense. The provider you choose must take this into account in order to offer you fashion show decor that is totally adapted to the desired ambience.

We recommend that you work with a set design company with extensive expertise in the fashion industry. By doing this, you will have the assurance that the podium of your fashion show will be totally up to your expectations.

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is in charge of decorating the podium of your fashion show

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is able to design and manufacture exceptional fashion show décor. This will make it possible to highlight your creations, and it t will compliment them. Of course, we can meet all the requirements, even the most artistic ones. For example, if you want to dramatize an atypical space, you can contact our teams: Whatever the desired visual identity, we can imagine it for you.

Thanks to the L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™, the catwalk of your fashion show will attract all eyes. We advise you to approach your dedicated advisor to take stock of your project. We will analyze the place and the theme of the show to offer you a theatricalization fully adapted to your expectations.

A global service for the decor of your fashion shows

The team at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ can intervene at all stages of the design of the decor of your fashion shows.

● The design of the decor in accordance with the visual identity of the event; ● The manufacture of decorative elements in our workshops: podiums, curtains, walls, terraces ... ● The installation of the decoration on your structure ● Disassembling the decor once the event is over ● We can offer you a storage solution in case you wish to reuse the decor for your next fashion show

Of course, at each step, our team will be able to advise you. We accompany our customers during all stages of their project to guarantee their satisfaction.

Learn more about catwalk rental and the production of the decorations

Would you like to collaborate with the L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ to create a unique event? Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about our creative process, from the design of the fashion show decor to the manufacturing and assembly of the various decorative elements.

Our objective is to put at your disposal a global solution in order to facilitate you in the setting up of your fashion shows.

The team at L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ will also be able to show you its achievements in the fashion sector. We have references all over the world, the biggest luxury brands have already used our company. Once you are completely reassured, you can entrust us with the production of the decor of your fashion shows, and you will undoubtedly be satisfied with our collaboration.


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