Event decoration

The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ offers to take care of the decoration of your events, including trade shows, product launch parties, shop launches... Whatever the event you organize, our teams can accompany you in the implementation of your event decor.


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What is event decoration?

When organizing an event, we think about the entertainment, the caterer, the program, but also need to consider the decoration. This last aspect is of paramount importance. The decoration of an event contributes to the creation of the atmosphere of the show or product launch party. The event decoration therefore makes it possible to set the tone, this is why it is so important not to neglect it and to entrust it to the professionals.


The event decor will not only beautify your reception room, your head office or your shop, but it will transform the premises to create an atmosphere conducive to the success of the event.

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ : An event decorator at your service

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is a company specializing in event decoration. We can enhance your events, whether it's a product launch party, a corporate convention, a trade show or even just a boost to your head office space.


Whatever your requirements, we will be able to imagine a scene that perfectly matches the identity of your company and the event you are organizing.

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ : A global service that exceeds in event decoration

L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is not just a decoration company for events. The service we offer our customers is much more comprehensive than that. We can be considered as a true technical provider for your events.


For example, we can offer you a rental service of event furniture (walkways, stands, terraces, product kiosks...). You will have the assurance that your trade show is perfectly equipped to welcome its visitors. The rental of furniture for the events is an essential service. According to your needs, we will be able to advise you on an event carpet or even design partitions.


The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ can also take care of the manufacture of your stands. Our company consists of a team of standers. You will have a dedicated stand designer, at your service, which will allow you to imagine spaces totally adapted to your event.


Are you also looking for a professional who can arrange the assembly of your salon stand? Once again, the L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ will be able to assist you. We are not only stand designers; we have a team that can take care of the assembly and disassembly of your stands.

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You've understood: The L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™ is a company that is the indispensable partner of your event decoration that you can rely on. Our team can take care of the creation of the visual identity of your event, the manufacture of your stands and your stand partitions, and also the assembly of your various elements of decoration. We can also offer a storage service if you want to reuse your decorations several times, but you do not have a dedicated space.


Want to know more about how our company works or our event furniture rental service? Are you going to organize a product launching party soon and would you like to be advised by experts in event decoration? Do not hesitate to contact the teams at The 5 Pattes Factory ™. Whatever event you plan to organize, we can accompany you in the production of it.


Thanks to the L’USINE A 5 PATTES ™, the decoration of your events has never been so simple. Choosing a trusted provider is essential for you to focus on your core business.


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